No makeup look, makeup!

Hello beauties!!! Here I’m sharing some tips for when you are not in the mood for heavy makeup looks. Either because you don’t have the time, don’t feel like putting the effort or maybe the weather is too hot and just want to keep it fresh (like right now in Puerto Rico where I’m from).  But at the same time you don’t want to look like you just washed your face.

To achieve this No Makeup Look, I apply moisturizer, I prefer hydrating ones. Now, my face is originally very pale and then I warm-it up a bit with bronzer. I do this right after the hydration, why? Because it preps the face for the bronzer and it makes the bronzer adhere better to the face. Try to find one that isn’t to shimmery but also not so matte. For this look I LOVE the one I got from Physicians Formula, Airbrushing Bronzing Veil Deluxe Edition and it costs just $15.95.

So then, right after the face hydration, I put bronzer all over the face leaving the upper and lower eye lids out. Then I put some concealer right on my lower lids. Let’s do it lightly. The look we want here is very natural. You can try using a mineral concealer for this look like  MAC Mineralizing Concealer. What we do now is put on some blush, the shade you want. For this look I love some pinky blush. My favorite pink blush at the moment is the Sweethearts Blush in Something About Berry by Too Faced.So we’re almost done. You can leave it like this or you can’t add some light to this look. For that you can use a higlighter like Mac Mineralize Skinfinish. I use the Soft and Gentle shade or a shimmery lightly colored eyeshadow.

I apply this on the upper side of the cheekbone, below the lower eye lids and I run it a bit to the ball of my cheeks for that healthy glow. If you like you can add highlight on the bridge of your nose, chin and the above the eyebrows. Achieving this glowy look and the new makeup trend called “Strobbing”.

So, for the last step just add lipstick. Or lipgloss. A light colored one would be nice. My favorites for this look are Snob, Pink Plaid or Honey Love by MAC.

 Honey Love

Pink Plaid Snob

Here I’m wearing the whole look with Pink Plaid lipstick by MAC.

Here I’m using the Lipglass Viva Glam Lady Gaga shade by MAC.

Here are the links if you want to get some of the products I shared.☺️

Well, I hope this post was helpful for you and hope you liked it. I’m very thankful and happy to share these things with you. Feel free to comment or leave feedback. Thank you for reading and hope you guys have a great day!💕



9 thoughts on “No makeup look, makeup!

    • SashaKrim says:

      Para este look solo bronzer no polvo. Aveces si tengo mucho calor y me quiero maquillar mas, tmbn hago esto. Todo depende del look q quieras. A mi me encanta el look glowy. Si quieres menos glowy look pues te puedes pasar un poquito de polvo.


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