New York, I love you!❤️🗽:#throwbackthursday

Happy Thursday everyone!💖 Today I feel a bit nostalgic. Why? Well, Fall is coming up and this last two years I’ve been able to go visit my favorite city which is New York City. I love fall and I love NYC. I’ve traveled to NYC three times and it always has been in fall season. This year due to some issues I won’t be able to go.

In Puerto Rico we don’t get to experience fall season as in other places. We are in the equator and because of that you might say it is always summer in our island. Maybe around December the weather cools off a bit. Because of that, I love to experience fall when I go to NYC. You get to see the leaves change, which I consider gorgeous and spectacular, the weather is amazing and you get also to wear pretty fashionable autumn outfits lol😂. I can’t experience all of that where I live.

NYC caught my attention since I was very little. It just offers so much and it is always so alive. So many cultures in just one place, you’ll see things you won’t see anywhere else. So many museums, the Central Park, the outstanding lights at Times Square, beautiful skyline. I can be on and on and won’t finish😂. I’m just in love with the city.

The first time I went to NYC, I was unemployed and I thought I wasn’t gonna be able to go. But thanks to one of my best friends insistence and that she also helped me to get some freelance jobs, I made it to the trip. I went with Yadira and Coral, my two best friends. Isn’t that great? My first time to NYC with my best friends. The second time around I went with my mother. Which was very nice and relaxing. But the third time, I went with my boyfriend and we were celebrating our first year together. It was also his first time in NYC and I was very excited to show him the city. We went to EVERY touristic attraction possible! I recommend that if it’s your first visit, you should get the City PASS. This is a booklet that contains passes to NYC’s top touristic attractions. Includes museums, Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty and a lot more. Totally worth it! You can get your City Pass at the ESB, at another of the included attractions or you could buy at the City PASS official website.

These last two years I’ve stayed at the Hotel Pennsylavia. It is located on the 7th Ave, just upfront the Penn Station and Madison Square Garden. If you read reviews online about the hotel you may freak out and will never stay there. But I’ve stayed two times and I have nothing negative to say. It is not luxurious, it is kinda old, but it is clean, it is spacious, economic and very centric. You can reach any place by walking and it’s super close to Times Square. When you are in NYC you are mostly out on the street and not at the hotel, so there’s no need to overpay for luxuries you may not use.

Here are a few of my favorites pictures about last years trip with my guy!


Times Square


Statue of Liberty


Dumbo Park at Brooklyn


Top Of The Rock


Wollman Rink at Central Park


The New York Public Library


Brooklyn Bridge


Top Of The Rock


Central Park


Madamme Tussauds Wax Museum


The Pond at Central Park


Flat Iron Building


NYC view from the Empire State Building’s 86th floor observatory


NYC view from the Empire State Building’s 86th floor observatory


Liberty Island


7th Ave.

This is a collage of very special photos a random photographer was snapping without us knowing. This was on Halloween night. He said he went to take pictures of cool costumes in Times Square and there were we eith our puppy love in the middle of Times Square.😂💕

Gee, that was a lot of photos😂. Yup, I got just a liiittle carried away!🙈Hope you guys enjoyed this post. I did enjoyed writing it!!! What is your favorite vacation spot? I’d love to know!!!💕

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Love❤️ MUA!💋

¡Feliz jueves a todos!💖 Hoy me siento un poquito nostálgica. ¿Por qué? Bueno, el otoño se acerca y estos últimos dos años he podido ir de vacaciones a mi ciudad favorita que lo es Nueva York. Me encanta el otoño y me encanta Nueva York. He viajado a NYC al menos unas tres veces y siempre ha sido en otoño. Este año por algunos así asuntos no podré ir.

En Puerto Rico no vivimos la estación de otoño como en otros países. Nosotros estamos en la línea del ecuador y gracias a eso podríamos decir que siempre vivimos en verano. Quizás para diciembre las temperaturas bajan un poco. Por eso, me encanta vivir el otoño cuando voy a NYC. Puedes ver las hojas cambiar de color, algo que encuentro es hermoso, el clima esta riquísimo y también puedes aprovechar para ponerte outfits súper fashion de otoño!😂  

Desde pequeña, NYC capturó mi atención. Es una ciudad que ofrece tanto y siempre esta tan viva. Tantas culturas en un solo lugar, verás cosas que no verás en otra parte. Tantos museos, el Central Park, las hermosas luces de Times Square, un horizonte espectacular. Puedo seguir y no acabo!😂 

La primera vez que viste New York? Estaba desempleada y pensé que no podría ir. Gracias a la insistencia de una de mis mejores amigas y su ayuda al conseguirme algunos trabajos “freelance”, lo pude lograr. Fui con Yadira y Coral, mis dos mejores amigas. Que mas se puede pedir? La segunda vez que viajo a NYC fue con mi madre, que fue una visita mas relajante. Pero la tercer vez, viaje con mi novio y estábamos celebrando nuestro primer año juntos. Era la primera vez que mi novio visitaba NYC y estaba ansiosa por mostrarle la ciudad. Fuimos a cuanta atracción turística fuese posible. Si es la primera vez que visitas NYC, recomiendo que compren el City PASS. Esto es un librito que tiene pasas para las atracciones turísticas me importantes de NYC. Incluye museos, Empire State Building, Estatua de la Liberad y mucho más. Vale la pena. Lo puedes comprar en las atracciones como el ESB como también puedes comprar en la página web oficial de City PASS.

Los últimos dos años me he alojado en el Hotel Pennsylvania. Esta localizado en la 7ma Avenida, justo al frente del Penn Station y el Madison Square Garden. Si lees reseñas en el internet sobre el hotel, te asustaras y no querrás hospedarte en el. Pero las dos experiencias que he tenido han sido positivas. No es un hotel para nada lujoso, es bastante antiguo, pero esta limpio, espacioso, es económico y muy céntrico. Llegas a donde sea caminando y estas súper cerca de Times Square. Cuando viajas a NYC, siempre estas fuera del hotel y no es necesario pagar dinero de mas por lujos que de seguro no uses. 

Espero les haya gustado el post y las fotos. Yo disfrute mucho escribiendo. Cual es su lugar favorito para vacacionar? Me encantaría que me contaran! Gracias por leer y no olviden subscribirse!☺️☺️ 



6 thoughts on “New York, I love you!❤️🗽:#throwbackthursday

  1. pinotandpeeptoes says:

    gorgeous gorgeous pictures<3 I share the love of NYC! I live about an hour away and every time we go down for the weekend it just feels so magical, like there is always so much going on its amazing. Maybe you could try and make it down for christmas time since you cant go in the fall? Its beautiful then too 🙂 & it sounds like your hotel is in the perfect location, who cares about reviews anyways?

    p.s. you and your boyfriend are ADORABLE together 🙂

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